Can’t Pay Won’t Pay: Solidarity with the Greek protests, 26 May

Posted: 20/05/2010 by ΔΟ in Αριστερά, Ανταποκρίσεις, Διεθνές κίνημα

7pm, Wednesday 26 May
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London, WC1

Speakers include:
Tony Benn
Caroline Lucas MP

Christos Giovanopoulos coalition of the Radical Left SYRIZA • Aris Vasilopoulos SYRIZA • Penny White BASSA • Paul Mackney fmr general secretary NATFHE • Clare Solomon president-elect, University of London Union • John Rees Counterfire • Michael Bradley Right to Work Campaign

The IMF is demanding that Greek wages be cut and public services decimated. It is unacceptable that ordinary people should be made to suffer for a crisis caused by financial speculation and the relentless drive to profit. We must not allow the Greek present to become our future. All those who wish to defend jobs and public services should come along and support those in Greece who are defending their jobs, wages and services~and prepare to defend our own.
In the run up to next Wednesday’s Can’t Pay Wont Pay meeting there will be people out across London promoting the event. Get involved.


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